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It was a surprise to learn that he was only 2 years into his journey at the ripe old age of 22.

We feel here at LO-FI he will rise through the ranks like a techno rocket and thought best we show him a little attention and LO-FI love.

So about the man himself....

Janik was exposed to the sounds of bleeps and bops at a young age by his father, however, the bug didn't bite until 2018 when a summer spent partying in Aotearoa opened his eyes and ears to the magic that spinning tunes brings.

Carlluci land Festival was the final catalyst, the blood that boiled in his Father's veins was now playing its part and it was time to get busy.


Looking up to some of our scenes movers and shakers such as Ferksta and Logan Baker, and taking notes on how they craft their sound but also how they push our scene as well. Festival hopping (Last place on earth. Aum, DiCE and Shipwrecked huge highlights), and a regular fixture at parties, Yanik was molding his musical outlook. Add to this countless hours spent crate-digging his heart out discovering international sounds from the likes of Chris Stussy, Rossi, and the Funktionality mixes from Dj Dimsa, Catching sets from Jake Rattler, Mood Control. Phillipa, Jamie Sisley to name a few....his sound was being formed from his music addiction.

The result of all this sonic stew running behind his ears has formed a jacking, bumping, weaving, positive house sound, that keeps people shuffling and engaged.

Realising that it's not enough to just spin a few tunes he's pushed his energy and love into The Busy Movement project. Preaching our sound and ethics to the more rural towns of N.Z.

Utilising his art skills, build skills, decoration, sound, light design and people pleasing skills these events are put together to please your senses on all fronts.

The 60 mins 29 secs he's turned in is a perfect musical polaroid of what he's all about.

Big round of applause buddy and massive thanks.

Enjoy peeps.

pushING people around the dancefloor with his bubbling housey sound & his positive upbeat charm

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