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AROKX (AKA Aaron George) has embraced the slower side of Techno to give us EXPLORATIONS 17.

Proving that if electronic music is meant for you it will find you. While his childhood friends were listening to gangsta rap/hip hop the sounds of Techno were calling from the subterranean of Auckland.

A spiritual calling to Shipwrecked festival resulted in a residency on the BOAT stage. Catching the eyes and ears of international promoters with his raw talent a jaunt to Melbourne was called for. Supporting HNQO (Hot Creations) and smashing sets at Melbourne hotspots such as Circus, Killing Time, Revolver, Rainbow Serpent, Pelican Villa Warehouse, Rubix Warehouse., AROCX sound was match fit and ready for the next challenge.

Returning to NZ, AROCX locked himself in his production bunker not wanting to limit himself to just playing. He wanted to play his own music and was determined to have his productions sit side by side his heroes and inspirations.

Now a firm fixture on the NZ Scene, AROCX musical journey is only just beginning.

Showing us his musical musings he has turned in a 58 minute trip through his current crate. His own productions sitting comfortably alongside scene stalwarts; Aratuni, Nutia and Iorie. This techno tapestry keeps the listener engaged until the very end.

Thanks Aaron. Turn it up people.


a pure producT & DEVOTEE of the NZ ELECTRONIC MUSIC scene!

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