With the mix, I basically just put all sorts of music I like in there.



With the mix, I basically just put all sorts of music I like in there. Some Afro stuff but as I mentioned it's not all I play.


 Always a journey ... 
 Always upfront ... 
 Always underground ... 

For this edition James has turned in a peak time progressive monster. 

Tribal tinged acid workout with lush vocals and trippy spoken word samples. 

Delivering a deep and groove laden adventure. This is a classic Osey Rabbithole. 

If you like your techno with a melodic and so soulful edge then you will love this.

 Deep. Check... 
 Rolling. Check... 
 Uplift. Check... 

 Vocals. Check.... 
 Quality? Triple Check. 

 A driving, deep and 
 techy mix. 

  A mix built  around  
  the phrase 'strange   atmosphere.  

 A low slung groove and   friend hugging synths. 

A hypnotic groove that is suitable for all occasions.

This is underground melodic house and techno at its best.

The deep, the groove and the melody and he has layed it all down for this mix.

Perfectly mixed house, with hints of blues and melancholy.

Parts driving, parts ethereal, all emotive with a cheeky vocal here and there, this is the   soundtrack to your day.

A sixty minute journey traversing upfront  electronicaive with a cheeky vocal here and there,

Fun, bouncy and peppered with a cheeky Re-rub or two. This is entertainment at its best.


This techno tapestry keeps the listener engaged until the very end.


A perfect musical  polaroid of what he's all  about.


Emotional shimmering  synths sit next to rumbling bass stabs and rolling grooves. 


I adore a track with mesmerising lyrics complimented by unique sounds and bass


A true journey and walk through styles and tempos


Unplanned and just an extension of what I was feeling when I created it.


Modern prog groovers with a nod to classic house peppered throughout


I wanted to harmonize my own style with what I think the LO-FI sound is. Silky smooth and deep sounds.


The Joy Administration​: MUSIC. ART. LOVE. ONE PARTY AT A TIME.

Squelchy, warm and a melodic roll through peaks and troughs, if this does not get your foot tapping and your heart swelling.... Nothing will.

Aplomb, exuding confidence and coolness and pacing the evening with deep effectiveness.

A warm jack and groove soundscape, setting the pace for following djs to move into the darkness of the night and the weekends revelry.

There really is nothing else like it. 


Forgotten gems, a stack of diamond encased grooves, polyrhythmic counterpoints and a timeless vibe to get lost in the sea of music