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To Help us Celebrate EXPLORATIONS 21st birthday we have Rach:B showing us how it's done.

Rach:B (Rachael Bruce) Has always found solace in the party and the dance floor. However, it was moving to Sydney in 2008 that kicked off her career inside the DJ Booth. trying to learn her craft on an app and a controller, she soon realised this would not cut it. Hanging out with other DJs and Producers forced her into diving in the deep end and she purchased her pioneer set up. Time and Money were now invested and it was time to start clawing in gigs.

Like every Dj earning their stripes, the bedroom became house parties, house parties became pubs/Bars and along with her growing skills came clubs and festivals.

Finding Big acts such as The Chemical Brothers and Carl Cox at large festivals ignited her start with the dance. It was smaller affairs such as the Subsonic parties, Shake That Monkey and scenesters such as Typhonic, Eegor, and Antix/Out of sorts that inspired her to dig deeper and hone her craft..and with her skills sharpening came recognition. Gigs at HOME (Sydney) And S*A*S*H becoming career favourites in her gig scrapbook.

Moving back to New Zealand In 2016 to enjoy rural tranquility it was hard to keep the rave demons at bay and she found herself immersed in the scene once more. Enjoying (and playing) Festivals such as AUM, Shipwrecked and Last Place on Earth.

Taking note of New Zealand's exploding music scene Rachel decided that it was time for a new take on her artistic persona and sound. Starting with a name change (former artist name: esSense)

Taking inspiration from local promoters and international acts such as JOESKI, SOUS-SOL, WILL SAUL, LAKE PEOPLE, PHILLIP BADER. These acts pepper her sets giving them a fresh cutting edge techno sound.
This mix is a journey through upfront and underground house and techno. Emotional shimmering synths sit next to rumbling bass stabs and rolling grooves. While a consistent, sometimes heavy 4x4 kick keeps the listener moving and guessing, and would keep any dance floor happy and impressed.

Thanks Rach:B and welcome to the LO-FI family.



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