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LO-FI has decided to up their podcast game a touch and is kicking off a new mix series called IN SESSION.

Occasionally when the stars align, the dance floor is vibrating and the Djs remember to press the record button a little slice of history is caught on tape.

To Kick off IN SESSION we have The Joy Administration, AKA Dean Davis and Rachael Sabin.

Dean and Rachael are Auckland scene stalwarts, both excellent artists in there own right. They came together on this evening to close out the LO-FI Headquarters annual bash.

The pair joined forces over their love of quality underground house/techno and using their mantra of MUSIC.ART.LOVE they have spread their message on to the NZ scene. 

Regular appearances at Ink Bar and a massively successful stage takeover at AUM Festival has cemented them as dance floor favourites.

Both Dean and Rachael have a strong sense of fun, love a party, and consistently combine this with talent and enthusiasm. LO-FI feels privileged to have caught this snapshot of aural pleasure.

You can keep track of T.J.A talent monthly on Londons MTC Radio station (



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