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Growing up in Sweden a young Pino was exposed to a broad range of music from her family.


Older siblings immersed in the world of rock, grunge and soul fuelled a melting pot of sound and sparked an obsession. Discovering Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and Fat Boy Slim as a teen and then later the depths of house and techno while working in night clubs in Stockholm, Pino was caught and adamant she needed to know more.

Moving to New Zealand in 2008 and falling in with friends who DJ, Pino found herself avidly watching how they play. Determined to learn, she was given opportunities to play at house parties and after hours events. Honing these skills on a controller at home and with the help of her musically minded friends, she began taking on gigs, and soon she was being asked to play more and more.

Living between the worlds of the Golden Bay festival realm during summer and the ski fields of Wanaka and Queenstown in the winter, Pino’s love for beautiful, wild vistas and adventure saw her snowboarding in the winter, and hiking and dancing during summer. Inspiration from these incredible places trickled through into the creative domain, inspiring mixes and sets played across 3 decks.

Her passion and drive for all things house and techno ensures each and every set or mix is taken very seriously. She spends hours putting together rolling techno baselines with indie riffs, house high hats or a deep, soulful a’capella; all working for the time and placement of her set, all with gratitude for it all.

With inspiration taken from some of the biggest names in the world through to some of the coolest NZ locals, a Pino set is diverse, fun, mixed impeccably and filled with cleverly layered sound. Always striving to be better and learn more, she is constantly honing her sound and ability, and we are very honoured to have her put together an Explorations mix for LO-FI.

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