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Sliding sideways into Explorations 32 is the mighty Finn Jackson.

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Finn is a Raglan based DJ making all the right sounds to catch attention and is a friendly and amicable young man to boot.

Finn's childhood was filled with his fathers country and western along with blues, resulting in Finn being magnetically drawn to melancholy and atmosphere. Being a Raglan resident filled his ears with dub, roots and reggae and this directly influences the way Finn weaves sets.

Finn's love of the party and a personality drawn to socialising led him to the gospel of electronic music. Finding solace in after parties, the lure of the mixer dials were calling and a fast baptism has revealed hidden talents, and Bar residency let him hone his skills. This led him to a summer of playing European dates and bringing a more international flavour to Aotearoa.

Taking influence and filling his crate with local talents such as Oot of Sorts, Sanoi, Chris Rayner, Piet Borgh, Bomb Dylan and internationals such as Gaga and Mateo, Tim Taste and Sascha Ciccopiedi, he has crafted himself a sound for the crowded clubs and the bustling after party. This summer will see Finn taking this sound to Festivals with AUM FESTIVAL and ARKADIAN Festival.

Finn jumped at the chance to lay down a soundscape for LO-FI and a great one it is. In his own words...
"I wanted to create a mix that reflected my sound away from minimal techno and psy, and divulge in my progressive side. Working towards harmonising with the LO-FI aesthetic while capturing my sound, I aimed to keep it dark, driving and melancholic while featuring some of my fav NZ Artists. This is me in a snapshot."

We agree, and it's our pleasure to present Finn Jackson.

Welcome to LO-FI 


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