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Our first venture into the podcast world is brought to you by the darling of Melbournes underground Aaaron Stringer.

Aarons love affair with everything that goes boom boom started in the late 90s. The moment his fingers touched acetate, he was put under electronicas magic spell and his quest for skill was ignited.

A super quick learning curve behind the decks and gigs were calling. Realising he was a big fish in a small bowl he jumped ship to London to complete his musical apprenticeship throughout residencies in the London underground and push his boundaries with the magic of international house and techno.

New challenges awaited and Melbourne came calling. Home ever since 2006. Aaron has carved out a name for himself delivering seamless underground electronica. 

Taking note of locals such as Alex Anderson. Thankyou City and James Martin (another LO-FI family member) and finding the burner scene Aaron has enjoyed pushing his sound into the atmospheric realms.

Sets at Rancho Relaxo, Rainbow Serpent, and NZs own AUM have become career highlights.

Aarons sound as it stands is deep and evolving, a strong underlying groove and emphasis on tension and release.... and this is Aaron has turned in here. A 120-minute journey that showcases Aarons passion for the doof.

Have fun people!


the darling of Melbournes underground

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