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The Fourth LO-FI: IN SESSION is brought to You by LO-FI Founder and groove technician Osey.

Recorded early evening as the sun was at its warmest at Shipwrecked festival mainstage 2020.

Setting the scene, the day was hot, the festival was in full swing and revelers were just finding their feet, camps set up and ready for a weekend of wiggle.

In his own words:


Really happy with this set, Funktion 1 monitors made this the best booth I had ever played in, hearing exactly what's coming out on the dance floor, in the booth makes all the difference and encouraged me to be more adventurous.

Really dug into the past (more than usual!) with my crate digging, this was the sound of summers past sitting alongside upfront tracks.

As usual the kitchen sink thrown into the mix, samples of my kids, birdsong, speeches, movie samples, samples, drum loops,decks and fx.

The result (I'm hoping people will agree) is a warm jack and groove soundscape, setting the pace for following DJs to move into the darkness of the night and the weekends revelry.

Enjoy people!



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