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Recorded live in the Portal at Splore 2020.


The Portal is one of Splore’s hidden gems, a rocking club space decorated, lit and run by an incredibly creative, passionate and insanely hard working crew.


Tucked away at the back of the indomitable Lucky Star, it began life a few years ago as a tiny shipping container that could fit maybe eight people at a time.


Each year it has morphed and grown, always holding onto its quirkiness and sparkle while delivering the absolute musical goods.


As a punter, it is the most rocking dancefloor to be immersed in, no matter the time of day or night.

From a DJs perspective, it is the perfect creative space throw down and get as freaky as you want, no holds barred. This year I played ladies night on Friday night. It was hands down my favourite set to play all summer, it was ultimate musical freedom.


Huge love and thanks need to go to Mels and Jonas and all the Lucky Star crew, without whom Splore would simply not be the same, to Fred for his incredible vision and endless hard work bringing the Portal to life year in and out, to Jake and Jonas for running that stage with such class, care and constant hilarity and to John, Shirley, Fred and everyone else on the Splore team for bringing it all together year in and out. there really is nothing else like it.


in her own words...

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