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Our third IN:SESSION recorded at LO-FI's The Loft Party is a peek into the record box of Tina Mairi.

Tina is a regular on the Auckland scene. Her reputation as a deep house connoisseur precedes her and she’s regularly booked due to skill, professionalism, and a delightful presence behind the decks.

Tina's passion for electronica was founded in 2014. Led by her friends through the underground scene she found an itch that couldn't be scratched until she challenged herself to mix two songs a day for 100 days. Before the hundred days were over her passion combined with the aptitude and a DJ was born.

A residency at club night BODY JACK soon followed along with fans and friends alike.

In her own words;
“It’s such a thrill when you play tracks you love and feel passionately about and find that other people respond in the way that you do. It’s a beautiful way to connect with people”.

Tina’s sets are always well received, a soundtrack for a party to be had. Highlights are Shipwrecked festival where her playing was so on form, it drove the groovers onto the dance floor in spite of the rain.

This set in our opinion is stellar. Tina was set with the task of warming up the revellers and did her job with aplomb, exuding confidence and coolness and pacing the evening with deep effectiveness.

Photo credit: Aaron Burgess -

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