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Our 21st outing is brought to us by Auckland DJ and scenester Oliver Harris. Oliver has been entrenched in the dance music scene since the early 90s, finding his love of the doof in legendary (although terribly named) CLUB UK in London, where he was lucky enough to enjoy Friday night residencies from Laurent Garnier and the late great Andrew Weatherall.

Purchasing a pair of trusty 1210s at university, and taking influences from the likes of the Global Underground crew, Ralph Lawson and Huggy, house parties soon came calling and an epic music collection began to build. Parties on Koh Phagnan in Thailand and at the Burning Man festival followed.

Now Auckland based, Oliver's authentic taste has been noticed and he's popping up at all the parties that matter. He caught LO-FI's Attention with his excellent ambient/downbeat mix FROM LOCKDOWN WITH LOVE ... and it was from this we asked him if he could put together a mix for us here at LO-FI.

Here is the result, a true journey and walk through styles and tempos, starting with some ambiance, moving through the ethereal and emotive, and arriving at a crescendo of progressive goodness with a nod to the classic house sounds of yesteryear. Oliver makes no secret of his love of legends SASHA and DIGWEED and their influences are all over this mix.

Thanks Oliver and welcome to the LO-FI Family.
Enjoy people.


a true journey

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