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Explorations 22 is brought to you by super fresh talent Mia Kober.


Mia Caught LO-FIs attention with her warm debonair and kind nature, and after hearing her play a polished set at WALL TO WALL we were astounded to hear she has only been spinning for 9 months.

Mia's introduction to music was by her parents, being taken to festivals at an early age and being spoonfed Jazz, Folk and more these influences brewed inside her mind.

Discovering the track Muse by Nicolas Jaar was the lightbulb moment and the first steps to electronic music enlightenment were taken. Her quest took her to Europe where the chill stages of festivals were her education.


Mia has drawn inspiration from the likes of Nicolaas Jaar, Clever Austin, Lui Mufata, Nils Frahm, Nikosh, Gary Clark Jr, Four Tet, Gidge, Lee Jones, Stimming, Arutani, Billy Caso,  Satori, Lemonella, Flowers On Monday, Groove Armada, Landhouse, Gaudi, Bado, Jean du Voyage... and from this her sound carries a warm emotion, with hints of melancholy.


Embedding herself in the Auckland underground scene, it is her enthusiasm to organise events and lend a hand to those that need it that makes her a pleasure to be around and her ease at weaving a soundscape makes her one to watch.

In her short career she has already played stellar sets at Kiwi Burn and splore... and is becoming a regular on Auckland lineups.


For this mix Mia has put together a deep emotive offering..In her own words...


I spent some time trying to make the playlist and have the mix be a certain way but nothing felt like it was flowing with ease, so I ended up totally surrendering. What it would sound like and just play for fun and myself dancing and moving and having a good ol time and that’s the recording I ended up with. Unplanned and just an extension of what I was feeling when I created it.  I think it's good to have an outline but when we create with restrictions over what we are feeling in the moment it is harder to enjoy the recording experience. So taking a breath and tuning in to what I’m feeling in the moment is the approach that works for me. 


Smashed it Mate!



what I’m feeling in the moment is the approach that works for me

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