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Hot off the press... EXPLORATIONS 23 is brought to you by rising superstar WATTSSON (Lydia Berryman).

Lydia's musical voyage started at a very early age with her mother's melting pot of taste. Mozart, The Doors, Chicago, and Madonna were all staples of the Berryman household, combined with a classical singing education her path to electronica was being paved.

Lydia found herself roaming the mean streets of Christchurch, ears filled with the melodies of DR DRE and mix series from the likes of Gatecrasher, not realising these were her first baby steps in becoming a Dj.

These steps led her to House and Technos spiritual home IBIZA where the gospel of SOLOMUN ignited the fire to start playing herself. Soaking up knowledge and skills from all those around her she watched closely the likes off Aroha, Dylan C, Rob Warner and Matt Drake and continued her musical education listening to the likes of Mira Kater, Solomun, Maceo Plex, Zhu, Lydias self-exploration has resulted in a slick, genre-pushing sound.

A sound that has not gone unnoticed, Sets at Silent Studios became the talk of the town and a set at Aroha's EP release party alongside Aroha herself and Dylan C became personal highlights.

Lydia realises that ours is a sound to be shared. In her own words...


I am a social/extroverted person so I enjoy being out and about and going to gigs to support local artists. I try to hustle together a posse that I know would also enjoy it. I figure if we all put in that little bit of effort then the scene will thrive. I’ve created a group on Facebook for locals to share their live streams which was a Covid birth called “Share the music not the virus"

I guess I try to extract the musician from my friends or people that I meet because I think a lot of people have decided they aren’t musical but I believe most people are and that it gives you life. I am on a bit of a mission to spread the music further :-) Watch this space!

For this mix, and most gigs I’m booked for, I’ll collect tracks for around say 3 weeks that have tickled my fancy and that I think would suit the audience. The end decision on whether to use a track is based on the number of goosebumps it gives me while I’m listening on my headphones. There’s not a lot more to it for me. I base my sets on how they make me feel because I believe that others will appreciate it if I use that as my sounding board. The end result? Well, that’s surely for the audience to interpret. I am pleased with how the mix sounds. I had a few wines on a Saturday night and decided that I was in the mood to record it.

We here at LO-FI are glad she had those few wines as the result is stellar.

Modern prog groovers with a nod to classic house peppered throughout has made this a repeat on the LO-FI HI-FI and were pretty sure it will be the same for you.

Thanks WATTSSON and welcome to the LO-FI FAM...


I am a social/extroverted person so I enjoy being out and about and going to gigs to support local artists.

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