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This episode of EXPLORATIONS is brought to you by the heartthrob of Waihi Jake Rattler (AKA Jacob Osborne.)

Jake has been on Lo-Fi's radar for a long time and it's a pleasure to have him step up to the plate. A little about him...

Discovering the magic of 4x4 kick drums and snares through Ministry of Sound mix cds, anything that goes boom that could be pirated quickly was, and, a breathtaking live show from GORRILAZ made him question his life choices and pointed him in the direction of the 1s and 2s.


Downloading free (the student struggle is real) Virtual DJ gave him a taste of what it's about and a bank loan and proper CDJS were purchased. Surrounding himself with NZS house talent old and new, it was easy to find inspiration and the drive to push himself forward to the forefront of the NZ Scene.

Taking note of the sounds and sets coming from GORILLAZ, FAT FREDDIES DROP, MACEO PLEX, MONKEY SAFARI, WHOMADEWHO, LEE BURRIDGE, KORA, DYLAN C, and BFF SANOI, the resulting sound from the jumble behind his ears is a warm organic suitable for all occasions deep house flavour.

Sets at LAST PLACE ON EARTH  AUM, SPLORE, SILENT STUDIOS have resulted in him being a regular on the NZ CIRCUIT. However, it's his passion for the scene and his nice guy mentality that keeps him working behind the scenes. Whether it's helping with electrical and lighting, gifting time and energy into the burner scene.


Hosting stages at spore or his silky voice spreading the gospel of House and Techno on the airwaves. It's this mentality that makes him a pleasure to book.

His talent and slinky sound are on offer in this his own words. I wanted to harmonize my own style with what I think the Lo-Fi sound is. Silky smooth and deep sounds. This was actually recorded at a kick on and hopefully, that vibe comes through.

We think it did and we are proud to welcome one of our favorite people officially to the LO-FI family.

Big Thanks Jake. 

Enjoy people

I wanted to harmonize my own style with what I think the Lo-Fi sound is

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