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We have been waiting with anticipation for this one for quite a while. With great pleasure Explorations 28 is delivered by the one and only FERKSTA.


FERKSTA (John Paul Moss) is a legend on the NZ music scene. His love for all things doof and his constant contributions to the music scene are invaluable and a shining light for all to follow.

Finding electronica through the likes of non-techno artists such as Yello and Jean Michelle Jarre, an ear for melody and drama was obviously formed. Part of the early UK rave scene, house, techno and jungle were constants in his ears. However, it was regular jaunts to Auckland Institution The Box that really sparked fireworks.

Throwing his first rave in November 1991 (arguably Aotearoa's first), it has been a life filled with making people come together, dance and enjoy what is good in life.


FERKSTA behind the decks is a bundle of energy and joy. His sound is genre defying. A walk between prog, psy and techno that sits very comfortably in big rooms and stages. This mix is a stellar drive through his crate. This is not for the faint hearted.

When asked what is good in life his answer is - "Everything. Even the bad is good when viewed as such… eventually. I love everything. I love you! Thanks for this opportunity my friends. I truly appreciate it. Shine on!"

You too brother!!


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