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Explorations 29 has been delivered by the vivacious BECKY.

Becky (Becky Roberts) is a pure product of the Auckland house and techno scene. Only taking up the challenge of learning to mix 2.5 years ago, her unquenchable thirst for good music and gigs has enabled her to mature her sound and skills quickly.

Loving the community sided gigs such as Kiwiburn, the simplicity of warehouse raves and the kookiness of boutique festivals, this is where she has learnt to ride her bike, ditch it and now walk the walk with the best Aotearoa has to offer.


Becky has listened, looked and learnt from our scenes best... in her own words.

"Most people’s influences come from big international DJ’s, but for me, it’s the locals and friends that surround me. So many of my core crew are incredible DJ’s. Like my Burnout Boys, Ray and Darren. When I first moved to New Zealand, Simon Flower was the first DJ I discovered here and loved dancing to so much! Obviously, my bestie, Heylady, is a huge mentor and a musical idol to me. Musically Craig James is just 100% my style! I remember the first time hearing him play at Silent Studios and I had the best stomp! Production wise, Sanoi is my number 1. I don’t think his talent will ever cease to amaze me! And, Matt and Osey, not only have you influenced me but you are 2 of the people who have believed in me and supported me the most."

"I have only ever recorded live sets so this is the first studio mix I’ve done. There was definitely a lot more thought and planning that went into this. My sound depends on when and where I’m playing, but I have my 2 main sounds I love to play which is either beautiful melodic sound, often with a lot of lyrics. Or my other end; sexy, grunty and stompy techno! That’s my muse!"

Career defining sets at AUM festival and Shipwrecked, as well as a regular at all things Warehousey in Auckland, has made her must-see on any lineup. Becky also loves to get involved and pull the strings. Half of In Kahoots with CJ Funkowfield and an integral part of LO-FI, we have to mention her passion and generosity doesn't stop at house and techno. She also tirelessly runs Kia Kaha Box which is a charity for women in need.

We here at LO-FI have been waiting and waiting for this to come across our desk. We put heart and character above all else and she has this by the truckload. Miss Roberts has come on board with LO-FI and fast made herself irreplaceable and a pleasure to work with and it brings us huge joy to watch her ability and career progress, fast!!

Thank you Becky! You are already a part of the LO-FI family so take off your shoes and don’t make a mess...

Enjoy people.

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