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We are arriving at Explorations number 27 and our conductor for this trip will be the spellbinding FACETTES.


Sofiane Tib has loved to dance since a young age. It’s this body language that led him to electronic music.

A house filled with Madonna, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd and Eurythmics resulted in a love of synthesizers. The dreamy emotive world that these machines created on seminal music were being soaked up by a young boy destined for big things. 

Living in France on the doorstep of a thriving rave scene, 15-year-old Sofiane was hearing the sound of the underground echoing across Europe. Listening to countless radio shows and mixes resulted in him trying to mix tunes on a cheap turntable and cd player with no pitch control. His friends and peers on their own journey were discovering sample culture and beat making. Sofiane was listening, taking notes and starting on his quest to become a DJ. 

Taking inspiration from the likes of James Murphy (LCD Sound System), Yasmine Hamdan, Satori, Dixon, Raw Main, Sainte Vie, Squire, Behrouz, Ali Farahani, Bedouin, WhomadeWho, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Jonas Rathsman. and, influenced by Arabic, Spanish and African music, Sofiane weaves these tapestries into his sets and productions creating a heart-swelling, hip-swinging soundtrack to pulsing dancefloors. 

The Facettes experience is constantly pushing boundaries, incorporating live instrumentation into his productions and live sets. A percussionist, keyboardist, or a Cielo player is not an unusual site while Sofiane lays down his melodic groove on the turntables. In his own words "I am searching for goosebumps! If I don’t get them while I am creating a playlist, there is no point in playing! I listen to a lot of music, new and old releases, mixes, labels, and upcoming artists. I am looking for obscure tracks that bring spirituality and emotion to envelope the audience on the dancefloor. I am after music that not many DJs play, and being the first one to share is really important for me to keep it interesting. I am into the challenge of playing melodic music that has several layers at any time of the night. I think we don’t have enough events where we can listen to music that transports you and give you emotion! During my set. I try to have a certain progression, I create waves with tension and release to surprise the audience, I am not only using middle eastern atmospheres, but I also build my set with dark techno, hypnotic vocals, and afro elements to create a complex mix with multiple layers. I have been in the scene for a while, so I am after delivering the best mix that I can for each performance. One of my close friends said to me, you are sometimes competing with yourself! I have to create a journey that people can remember! I feel so much pressure each time as I have to do as well or better than the last time with a new original set. It’s hard work but if you have the right sensibility and artistic skills, you can connect and transport the audience with music that they have never heard before."

For LO-FI I wanted to record a different mix compared to what I play at a festival, it’s a set that you can listen to any time of the day! It offers lots of messages with a melancholic atmosphere that reflects what some of the Middle Eastern countries have gone through. There is lots of emotion and sadness with ethereal music from Portugal, Spain, Algeria, Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Ukraine, Israel and more.

Here at LO-FI, we agree, the results are exceptional. This has been one we have been looking forward to sharing with you and it is a pleasure to welcome FACETTES to the LO-FI family.


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