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This trip down the Explorations rabbit hole is brought to you by Jamie Larnach AKA The Dastardly Bounder.
Jamie is no stranger to N.Z ravers. 26 years of playing has led him to his latest endeavor, The Dastardly Bounder.

Jamies' contribution to the scene is undeniable. Founding seminal dance party Entrain and a founding member of Splore, NZs longest-running festival. He helped lay the path NZ promoters are following today.

His sound is an impressive groove-laden mish-mash, hints of house, disco, and Techno are presented in a way to keep dancefloors moving.

This mix is a glimpse into the mind of the bounder. Fun, bouncy, and peppered with a cheeky Re-rub or two.


Enjoy people.


This is entertainment at its best

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