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Delving deep into melody and groove, the progressive sound is entrenched in him and has ended up making him a rather renowned name. 


Eichenbaum is a Waiheke-based producer, DJ and promoter. With mixes out on the likes of Frisky Radio and multiple releases on labels across the globe, Eichenbaum joins LO-FI with an Explorations mix.

Much like many musical acts, Eichenbaum was fed a steady diet of music that his older brother brought home. His discovery of electronica came later and more slowly thanks to the likes of Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers. Heavily influenced by progressive jazz and progressive rock, it seems natural he would find his niche in progressive and melodic house.

In 2013 a young Eichenbaum decided he wanted to learn how to mix. Taking himself off to a well known school in Buenos Aries, he gained the skills required to begin his journey as a musician. Loving the long, smooth mix, he is a fan of playing 4 hour plus sets where he can settle into and ride the ebbs and flows of sound.

Discovering connection through music, and having moved to Waiheke, he embarked on production. Now with releases supported by Guy J, Solomon, Joris Voorn and Adriatique and the mighty Sasha, Eichenbaum is finding that music can be a success even when you are in the antipodes. The formation of a production company with good friend Gustavo Guzman, Lift Me High, is rounding out the musical trifecta in his life and uniting even more electronic music lovers.

One thing is clear, Eichenbaum has developed a solid name for himself in the underground New Zealand scene and has absolutely no desire to slow up. With multiple releases due out this year, he’s a freight train that is running hot.

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