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LO-FI is very proud to present Kate Foot.

Kate is Constantly popping up and delivering new and interesting sets to keep people moving while being bubbly, engaging, and free of ego she is one of the many qualities that make the NZ scene so appealing.

Kate's journey started in radio.. tumbling through genres and molding them into a form fit for the airwaves she arrived at house and techno and fell in love with the club scene and festival circuit.

A fan of deep, dark, & moody bass lines; atmospheric interludes; soul & melody; everything lush, and downbeat grooves. Lover of house music in all forms to weave it together, and always on the hunt for tracks that challenge genre-defining boundaries.

Here she picks up the baton where the warm-up would finish easing us moodily into some peak-time goodness. 

This is an underground melodic house and techno at its best.




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