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I Grew up between classic music, rock and roll, and jazz.

We were not necessarily a musical family but there was definitely a lot of musical influence around. Lots of friends of the family who were often around where musicians so lots of poetry, guitars and artists coming and going around the house, this has let my attention run that way since early times.


My sister was a contemporary dancer and I was a ballerina myself from my 10’s to 18 years old. I was really committed to it on a full-time basis. But I hurt my leg and eventually had to stop. The frustration and free time led me to start playing instruments, I did a bit of run around with piano, drums and at the end stuck to the bass guitar.


Silver linings....


I started putting on jazz and rock and roll gigs at a very young age (teens), but I was way too shy to perform so I would only organise. This is all part of the path that led me to this.

I started playing (DJing) because I was curious about it, and as I started doing it, it felt natural. It’s been a fun road and I love everything about it. Probably ready for a bit of a challenge up…I'm on the wonder road.

Big electronic influences have been Mira Kater, Christopher Schwarzwalder, Arutani, Be Svendsen, Ninze, Lee Jones, Just Emma, HVOB, Holen Coin, Andre Polar, Karela Dust, David Rausch, Sanoi, Out of Sorts, Mellowtac, among a few others. 

The friends that I made along the journey and memories shared have been everything really and being able to support others as I can along the way. 

Splore 2023, the second set I played, at @Lucky Star stage, that was on fire!

Shipwrecked Music & Arts Festival 2023

Slow Heart April 2021

Beat and Path Raglan edition 2019

Creation of Silk Collective @ AOTEAROA

A friend described my sound once as “sexual friction underline” haha, I will add something like… soft and deep sounds. Sexy and playful. Slow tech more than downtempo I will say.

Someone else also said "she comes in slow like a sultry steam train, building it up to the kinds of rhythms that hit you deep and hard"

I will mix them up to get me.

Well, as always, the mix is a love story, listen and try to follow.

From my slow heart to your ears.

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