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Grassmouth wears a multifaceted musical hat.

Grassmouth wears a multifaceted musical hat. The love of music runs through his family and it definitely did not miss him. Growing up he was exposed to the likes of Sam Cooke and Miles Davis from a very young age, De La Soul was listened to at all hours and the rhythms of reggae and dub pumped through his veins. His great grandparents performed music live to air, his grandfather was a radio host on New Zealand’s first radio station, Radio Dunedin, his uncle tried numerous times to put together a family band because that many of them played instruments and Grassmouth himself plays the guitar, sings, DJs and produces his own music.

With all this going on in the background, it’s no wonder he has ended ups doing what he does. A radio host himself on Base FM, Grassmouth hosts the In The Neighbourhood breakfast show which showcases New Zealand music. Covering an extremely broad range of music, he interviews artists and introduces music to the masses. He also runs a mentoring programme which acquaints young people with the ins and outs of radio broadcasting as well as editing and composing original songs.

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And we haven’t even touched on his DJing yet.

Grassmouth’s roots are firmly trenched in hip hop reggae and soul. Time spent in the concrete jungle and swirling fusion of sound that is Berlin introduced him to the slower tempo four-four. Dual time spent in Vanuatu lapping up the lackadaisical harmonies of beach-front bungalows, he found inspiration in ethnic, world music, afrobeat and more. Grassmouth effortlessly fuses all this and more into deep, tempered, rhythmic soundscapes that he refers to as “shaman-house”.

LO-FI are proud to bring you Grassmouth’s Exploration mix, turn it up and zone out to this melting pot of sound from all four corners of the globe.

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